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We use latest and advance machinery to craft woodwork.

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Our Cutting-Edge Machinery for Woodwork

At Divine Interior, we harness the power of cutting-edge, hi-tech machinery for crafting modular kitchens and woodwork.

Our dedication to precision and innovation ensures the finest finish in every project, guaranteeing you a blend of functionality and aesthetics that elevates your living spaces to new heights of excellence.

Panel Saw

At Divine Interior, we employ advanced panel saw technology to precisely cut and shape plyboard, Panel saws are designed for accurate and precise cuts, ensuring that plywood pieces fit together seamlessly.Panel saws produce clean, splinter-free edges, reducing the need for additional finishing work.

They can handle various sizes and thicknesses of plywood, making them suitable for a wide range of projects, the use of a panel saw results in a professional-level finish, enhancing the overall quality of woodworking projects.

Cold Press

We use cold press technique to ensure the highest quality in our woodwork projects. This method involves using hydraulic pressure without heat, preserving the integrity of the materials and resulting in durable and precise finished to the laminate and plywood.

Cold press machines apply even pressure across the entire surface, ensuring a consistent bond, unlike hot press methods, cold pressing eliminates the risk of heat-induced damage to laminates or substrates, cold pressing results in smoother, more professional finishes with minimal risk of defects.

Three edge bander

We use state-of-the-art auto edge banding technology to deliver impeccable finishes on plyboardF edges. Our automated edge bander ensures precise, uniform application of edge banding materials, resulting in superior aesthetics and durability in our wood work projects, 

Auto edge banders apply edge materials with consistent accuracy, ensuring neat and clean edges on woodwork. the automated process results in a professional-level finish with minimal risk of errors or imperfections.


We use advanced multiboring technology to precision-drill holes in plywood, facilitating easy installation of minifix hardware. This technique streamlines the assembly process, ensuring a secure and efficient fit in our woodwork and cabinetry, 

Minifix fittings revolutionize cabinet installation, offering effortless assembly and disassembly. With their user-friendly design, these connectors enable quick and secure connections, making cabinet adjustments and relocation a breeze. Minifix fittings are a testament to convenience and flexibility in cabinetry solutions.

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