High tech machinery for premium quality work & finish.

We use high tech machinery for our production, for each work we have different  machine to deliver best quality finish and superior quality. Our all machine made products deliver very highest quality work.


Panel Saw Machine

We use Panel Saw Machine to cut the ply board to give a perfect finish and accurate size. cutting of each part of cabinmate is done by the this machine, and it provides size accuracy as same as mentioned in drawings.

Edge Banding Machine

Edge banding machine is used to stick edge banding tape on playboard edges, It’s a high-tech automated machine to provide premium edge finishes, which can’t easily get through hand-made work. 

Cold Press Machine

This is the machine which we use to stick laminate on plyboard by pressing, it provide very high strength to plyboard, which provide more durability to the joint of plyboard and laminate.

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